• Transfret Auto transport de voiture de course

Transfret auto history

Our history

Transfret, Transfret Auto and Allcars Transports Prestiges were founded by Patrick Bouvier, an entrepreneur with a passion for cars and transport. Before launching the car transport activity, Patrick Bouvier worked for more than 15 years in international freight transport, acquiring valuable expertise in this field.

Patrick Bouvier’s passion for the automobile led him to take an interest in the transport of cars, in particular for circuit and rally competition. He quickly understood the specific needs of racing and collector car owners, who require safe and fast transport of their precious vehicles.

This is how Transfret Auto was created to meet this demand by offering high-end and tailor-made car transport services. Thanks to the expertise of Patrick Bouvier and his team of professional drivers, Transfret Auto has quickly become one of the major players in the transport market for competition and vintage cars.

Transfret Auto transport de voiture de course

A rapid development

Transfret, the parent company, has also grown rapidly by offering high quality freight transportation services for businesses. The combination of Transfret’s expertise in freight transport and that of Transfret Auto in car transport has enabled the company to provide complete transport solutions for its customers.

Today, Transfret and Transfret Auto continue to develop and offer innovative and tailor-made services for their customers. Passion for the automobile and expertise in transportation are at the heart of the company’s activity, which makes every effort to offer superior service and maximum customer satisfaction.